Welcome to the EWN Blog

We live in a persistent 24HR news and messaging cycle which almost casually contrasts the extremes of our country's natural beauty and it's all too often terrifying brutality. We experience minute by minute analysis and graphic reporting of all those things hurting us. My job is to ensure you know what's coming and what might hurt you before you get brutally kicked in the ass and added to that news cycle.

This is still Dorothy Mackellar's sunburnt country, an Island nation with a temperament that provides bounty on one hand but packs a powerful back hand delivery on the other. Sweeping plains, droughts, flooding rains, fires and the terror of the wide brown land are apt descriptions. At EWN we are in the middle of this natural melee

Since we started the Early Warning Network in 2007, the conversation has increasingly been about what we can all do about it. So much so, that our 24/7 hands-on action stations approach has been continually expanding and evolving its range of services and it sure keeps us busy.

This past month has seen me with the EWN team traversing the Ghan in a hi-rail, taking to waterways with our View360 gear, bunkered down in the wee small hours issuing alerts to individuals, communities and businesses in every state of Australia, and talking at length with major companies and local governments about how our situation room and safe@work apps can help them keep on keeping on in the face of increasingly erratic weather, bushfires, road closures and every other kind of risk.

One message comes through loud and clear while there are many things in our environment we can't control, the better informed people are about impending hazards, the easier it is to navigate their challenges. We are here to help keep you informed and we will be sharing stories and links to all our projects here on the blog.

Kerry Plowright.